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How to Implement Reputation Management Strategies at the Enterprise-level

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Thursday, February 28
1-2 pm EDT
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A crucial challenge for any enterprise healthcare organization is managing its brand perception online. Without a robust reputation management strategy in place to address web optimization and patient reviews, hospitals lose the ability to effectively engage with its patients and struggle to grow as a result.

In this webinar, we’ll go over ways to implement reputation management strategies for enterprise healthcare organizations. You’ll receive best practices and recommendations from a Marketing Director at a large multi-specialty group in Southern Virginia, and learn how her team found success in implementing these strategies.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Optimize your business listings on Google.
  • Utilize patient reviews to make operational improvements.
  • Get universal buy-in and commitment to reputation management initiatives throughout your organization.


Paula Lumsden

George LaDue

Krystal Taing

Paula Lumsden
Director of Marketing
Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group

George LaDue
Sr. Sales Director
Binary Fountain

Krystal Taing
Listings Management Product Specialist

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