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Provider Social Index®

Provider Social Index®

First-Ever Standardized Online Reputation Score for Physicians.

Patients are increasingly sharing their physician experiences online and 77% of prospective patients use this feedback to select a new doctor. Healthcare organizations don’t have a way of using this feedback to assess their physicians’ online reputation – a factor that could impact revenue.

Binary Fountain’s Provider Social Index® (PSI) leverages these insights to deliver a real-time aggregated score that helps healthcare executives evaluate their physicians’ patient experience performance.

Standardized Scoring

PSI scores range from 100 to 999 and are based on research-based attributes patients consider most important when selecting a physician. Scores are weighted based on volume and recency of the data, author’s rating, richness of source content, and source credibility.

Standardized Scoring v2
Online Review

Digital Insights

Our Natural Language Processing technology harvests patient feedback from over 100 online sources, including social media, review sites, advocacy forums, blogs and other sources.

Benchmarking & Reporting

Benchmark physicians within their organization by specialty to identify bottom-performing physicians who may be negatively impacting their brand.

PSI for Mobile

Mobile Accessible

Monitor Your Online Physician Reputation. Anywhere, Anytime. The PSI app delivers timely, at-a-glance insights and a roll-up score of patients’ perception of physician care, captured from over 100 online sources like Facebook and Twitter.

Provider Social Index® Enterprise

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