Messaging Platform with SMS and Email | Binary Fountain


Engage Your Audience with Messaging

Send custom texts and emails to customers and staff in an instant with our Messaging platform.

Fast, Simple Notifications When You Need Them

Efficient enterprise communications are more important than ever. Use Binary Fountain’s Messaging feature to quickly and easily send custom messages to employees and customers. Instantly distribute messages individually or in bulk via text message or email to alert recipients of available services, provide timely information and increase engagement.

Engage Customers

Upload contact lists or manually enter recipients to send instant notifications to your customers and communities. Include links and images to increase engagement. Use the Messaging platform to communicate the following:


Notify Staff

Engage employees with texts and emails for operational changes, events or general reminders. Track metrics for Messaging along with other campaigns to analyze send and open rates. Use the Messaging platform to communicate the following:

  • Changes in operations or policies
  • Links to educational resources
  • Remote employee engagement
  • Staff appreciation messages

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