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Deep Patient Analytics

Deep Patient Analytics

Uncover Actionable Insights from Patient Feedback.

Natural Language Processing

9 Million Patient Reviews. 40 Million Insights. 500,000 Providers Tracked.

Our Patient Experience Platform and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology help you analyze and act on patient feedback to drive operational change and engage patients.

Breadth and depth. Healthcare focused. Like no other platform.

Uncover a Better Patient Experience

Our healthcare specific NLP technology identifies actionable insights and trends from unstructured comments in online reviews and post-care surveys, covering 37 patient experience categories. Incorporate CAHPS data from survey vendors such as Press Ganey.

Patient Experience
Analyze Performance

Analyze Performance

Gain visibility into your organization’s performance by scheduling and sharing reports with marketing, patient experience and C-Suite. Set targets and monitor performance in operational categories.

Gain Competitive Intelligence

Benchmark across your facilities and physicians within your organization, and against local and national competitors using internal and external benchmarking.

Revenue v3

Impact Revenue

Patient experience equals revenue – healthcare organizations that deliver superior patient experience tend to have fifty percent higher margins than those that deliver average patient experience.

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