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January 16, 2020

Webinar Recap: How Healthcare Systems Increase Transparency Through Star Ratings

By: Kieran McQuilkin

star-ratings-transparencyIs your organization looking to boost patient trust and transparency?

Publishing survey ratings and reviews on your provider pages is vital to developing a trusted voice in the consumer selection process. In our latest on-demand webinar, Binary Fountain VP of Healthcare Products Chase Ausley and Sales Director Zargham Ghani explore the importance of online physician ratings, along with ways to effectively manage and display your provider ratings and reviews.

In the webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Use new features and functionalities – including an infinite scroll that enables you to access all providers or comments on a single page – that have been added to the platform.
  • Capitalize on optimizations to the user interface, making it simpler and more efficient to manage all your online reviews.
  • Get the most out of our transparency solutions by displaying ratings on your provider pages.

You can find a link to the 30-minute webinar here and at the bottom of this page. Here’s what we discuss:

Benefits of Transparency

For healthcare organizations, a transparency solution is becoming necessary to drive SEO and web traffic.

Prospective patients want to better understand the experience that a provider gives to other patients. Without provider feedback easily available online, those patients have a much lower likelihood of entrusting you with their healthcare.

With a star rating system, you can mark up provider pages so that search engines find first-party ratings on your website. That will result in more prospective patients clicking through to your sites and increase their trust. Since the data you collect from patient surveys is verified and only on your site, your organization can become the authoritative information source for Google’s search algorithms.

Remember: A bad review is better than no review. Even without a perfect five-star rating, a high volume of published reviews immediately validates the provider, and ultimately enables patients to better trust your organization before receiving care.

Transparency Workflow: Streamlined Approval and Appeals

A crucial aspect to a successful transparency program is achieving physician buy-in.

It’s natural for leadership to be skeptical at first, and to think providers will push back because transparency makes them more vulnerable. But users of Binary Star Ratings continue to prove that a majority of survey feedback is very positive, leading to prospective patients having higher confidence in them.

The benefit of engaging the provider population before becoming transparent is tremendous. If you establish a clear process for appeals and approvals, your physicians can have a voice in the equation.

Most Binary Fountain clients send out reports to providers with reviews that have been approved to go online. Providers have a set amount of time to review the feedback, communicate back to the appeals counsel, and ultimately decide what will appear online. Most clients will publish new survey feedback and star ratings to their sites on a regular cadence.

Typically, appeals are frequent right when you start a transparency program, but they drop significantly after a couple months as physicians get used to the system and learn the value of displaying ratings – even including negative reviews.

The Future of Star Ratings

Consumers now expect this information on health system websites, so not having star ratings or a similar review-publishing system is a disadvantage. Most of the healthcare market already is employing these solutions, and adoption will continue to grow.

For example, one customer increased 25% web traffic to provider pages within 15 weeks of launching a transparency strategy. For another, customer 92% of appointment requests are coming from providers with published star ratings and comments.

Health systems are also getting more creative with ways patients can navigate this content, such as filtering comments by age, demographic or care type. And technology like Natural Language Processing is leveraging AI to parse through reviews automatically, searching for profanity or PHI.

Success with a transparency solution will come from understanding and displaying that feedback, which can also provide additional layers of content to the rest of your online presence.

Here are other transparency questions that we answer in our star ratings webinar:

  • Where does the survey data come from, and how is it analyzed?
  • Can you combine third-party data with your own first-party surveys?
  • How are star ratings and patient experience scores calculated?
  • How do the reviews and ratings get published to a website/provider page?


  • Chase Ausley, VP of Healthcare Products, Binary Fountain
  • Zargham Ghani, Sales Director, Binary Fountain

To learn more about healthcare transparency solutions and to see why leading organizations use Binary Star Ratings, check out the free, 30-minute star ratings webinar – now available on-demand.

Ready to watch the webinar? Click here.


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