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April 26, 2019

Uncovering Nuances in Healthcare Data Analytics to Improve the Patient Experience

By: Kayla Zamary

transparencyPatients today have more choices and information available when selecting the best provider for their care than ever before. Because of this, they have come to expect a greater level of interaction and transparency when making important purchasing decisions online.

With the rise of online review sites and health care related searches on the web, it is vital for organizations to build up their online reputation by consulting patient’s feedback to guide improvements to their experience.

In Thursday’s webinar, “Uncovering Nuances in Healthcare Data Analytics to Improve the Patient Experience,” we explored how OSF Health Care partnered with Binary Fountain to unify their patient feedback and response process by responding to feedback publicly and providing patients with a superior health care experience through open access to data and community reviews.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the presentation:

Don’t limit your ability to be discovered—optimize ways for patients to find you.

Reviews are a particularly effective outlet to get patients to discover you. According to a survey from Software Advice, 94% of patients will read online reviews to evaluate a physician and according to the American Medical Association, 37% of patients avoid physicians with negative reviews.

Even more telling is another statistic from the Software Advice survey that indicates that 47% of patients would go out of network for a physician with better rankings.

It may be a fruitful exercise to Google for any sites that your organization may appear and claim your listings where applicable.

Communal feedback is valuable to younger patients searching online. Be proactive in reaching out to your community and manage conversations around your brand.

The average consumer will review 10 reviews before trusting a business, and 74% of consumers report feeling more trusting of organizations with positive reviews.

It’s obvious that consumer trust is earned or lost online now and providers have to build this consideration into everything they do. From developing workflows to standardizing a comment approval process, reviews and patient feedback are the new primary drivers for improving the patient experience.

The presence of negative reviews actually generates positive credibility with consumers who see a perfect rating as untrustworthy.

Transparency initiatives are proven to help organizations. AfterOSF Healthcare implemented this strategy, they saw amazing results, including a 17.39% increase in total web traffic, 5.14% increase in organic web traffic, and a whopping 263.68% increase in average time on provider profile pages.

To view all of the insights from this webinar, download the presentation here.

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