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July 23, 2019

How to Improve Senior Living with Online Listings and Reputation Management

By: Aaron Clifford

senior livingIn our latest webinar, Binary Fountain’s Sr. Vice President of Marketing Aaron Clifford and Senior Living SMART‘s CEO Deborah Howard discussed best practices for senior living communities to use to get in front of their desired audiences, improve their online presence and listings as well as how to use existing online feedback to make operational improvements.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the presentation:

The conversation with residents begins online—optimizing your website and listings helps to facilitate this conversation

To discuss how listings are making an impact on senior living communities, let’s first look at how seniors are using the web and making purchasing decisions. According to the 2017 book Social, Silver Surfers, 82% of seniors use search engines for online activity and 57% of those use the web for shopping.

This information tells us that, despite differences in technology adoption and usage between seniors and younger generations, seniors are still active and engaged online at very high rates.

So how do you build a listings strategy for targeting senior audiences? In order to participate and launch a listings strategy, you need to have access to your community and property profiles on the sites you’ve identified. Without this critical first step of taking ownership, you won’t know what residents are saying, nor will you be able to engage. If you haven’t yet done this, it’s likely that listings or profiles already exist that you don’t know about or have access to.

This can be accomplished simply by Googling your business name, creating a list of all review sites your communities appear on, and claiming each profile as necessary. With this out of the way, you can assign ownership within your organization to address listings and respond to reviews, whether it’s the duty of one director or a team of people responsible for communications.

Resident reviews are an unfiltered look into the health of your organization’s operations—utilize reviews for change and growth

Now that you have healthy listings, you can begin to track changes in your reputation and start making tangible improvements to your organization

The first step is to lay your end goals and set expectations to meet them. You’ll get the most out of your reputation management solutions by setting goals and plotting out directions on how you’re going to get there.

Get organization-wide buy-in. Though reputation is largely managed by directors or a marketing team, you need to get your entire staff on board and committed to making changes based on what your residents are saying.

Don’t limit your ability to be discovered—optimize ways for potential residents to find you

Multichannel marketing works best – although more seniors are searching online, traditional marketing methods like direct mail, email, advertisements and even SMS campaigns are all effective ways to spread the word about your community

Insights from reviews can highlight what things residents like the most, which can inspire new marketing campaign ideas – if residents enjoy attending performances at their community or have access to special physical therapy services, feature these into your messaging

Find potential testimonials from resident surveys or reviews – if certain reviews stand out and highlight positive aspects of your community, share them as testimonials for greater visibility

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