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July 25, 2019

The 5 Stages of Online Reputation Management [Infographic]

By: Kayla Zamary

reputation management infographicToday’s leading marketers understand how important online reputation management (ORM) is to their business. Effective ORM strategies are essential to both promoting and protecting your brand online.

In our latest infographic, we lay out the roadmap for ORM success for your business and the 5 stages of the process you’ll need to pass through along the way.

Some of the key highlights from this free infographic include:


  • 67% of Consumers Will Try a Product with a Good Reputation – It becomes clearer year-after-year that online reviews and reputation is key to getting consumers to trust your products and brand. Reviews are highly valuable to your success, as consumers rely on the comments of others to determine whether your brand is genuine and trustworthy.
  • The Average Consumer Will Read 10 Reviews Before Making a Purchasing Decision – One good review for your business isn’t enough–consumers demand to see a burden of proof that your products and services are reliable. They’re often willing to overlook a bad review here and there, but customers want to see general consistency across your brand.
  • 65% Increase in Review Responses Using ORM – By implementing ORM solutions and strategies, one of our clients was able to see reviews as soon as they were posted and could respond to the customer in a much faster turnaround time than when they did not have a strategy in place. Responding to reviews in a helpful and timely manner builds goodwill with customers, as they enjoy being engaged personally and having their concerns addressed in a meaningful way.

Want more insights like these and a complete roadmap to ORM? Download this infographic here.

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