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March 28, 2019

How to Make Multifamily Property Listings & Reviews Work for You

By: George LaDue

multifamily property listingsWhen searching online for multifamily housing options, the very first thing your customers will find are your business listings and reviews of your properties.  

Many property managers understand that first impressions can make or break a business, so they are increasingly utilizing online reputation management strategies to make sure their listings are found easier and their reviews truly reflect their brand.

Because your competitors are already successfully implementing these tools, it becomes not a question of “should you invest in reputation management,” but “how can we do it better?”

In our latest webinar, “How to Make Multifamily Property Listings & Reviews Work for You,” we discussed how online listings and reviews impact what potential residents think about your properties, and we covered how property managers can outsmart their competition and bring in more business with critical reputation management practices.

Optimizing for SEO rankings and business listings can grow your customer base and help you meet rental goals

Maximizing your SEO rankings and climbing the Google listings is key to getting your property noticed. In fact, one study from SmartInsights found that the difference of being listed among the top 3 spaces in a Google search changed click-thru rates from nearly 30 percent in the first position to 10 percent in the third position. In the lower positions of 9 to 10, click-thru rates fall to a paltry sub 2 percent.

In addition, it’s important to note that review signals make up about 15 percent of a typical Google My Business local search algorithm. This means that reviews are going a long way to improving your overall SEO ranking, so both need to be taken seriously into account.

When 90 percent of consumers say that reviews influence their day-to-day purchasing decisions, it’s time to stop asking the question “Is reputation management is required to grow my business?” and start asking “How am I going to do this better than my competitors?”

Proactively engaging with residents and managing reputation makes a world of difference—not only to your online rankings but to resident satisfaction as well

Now that we understand why it’s so important to develop a robust listings and reviews strategy, what can multifamily property owners and managers do to make the most of it? We offered insights including:

  • Benchmarking review volume by location — this will allow managers to see which properties need the most attention and can compare results against local competitors
  • Delegate responsibilities or outsource where it makes sense — you can delegate negative reviews to property managers to handle any required fixes and positive reviews to marketing to share online
  • Engage with residents by text message — mobile testimonials have 6 times the response of email and can be sent immediately after a point of contact with a rental agent

Once in place, these reputation management strategies will ease employees workflows and attract the right audience for your organization

In the presentation, we highlighted some clients that have put these best practices into action and found significant success:

Client A implemented listings and SEO strategies to influence and attract new residents to their properties. This company buys and sells properties frequently and didn’t have in-house bandwidth to take ownership of all GMB listings and optimize for SEO.

After 90-days of implementing listings solutions, Client A:

  • Increased total search volume 11.3 percent
  • Increased total Google My Business clicks 22.7 percent
  • Increased clicks for navigation to properties by 12.9 percent
  • Increased clicks for phone contacts by 28 percent

Client B implemented reputation management strategies in response to low review volume and negative comments. This client has a small marketing team managing reviews for more than 100 properties across the U.S. They wanted to boost review numbers across the board to generate interest, and respond to reviews for every location using the same brand voice.

After one year of implementing Social Compass and review management solutions, Client B:

  • Increased experience score 3.7 percent
  • Increased response rates 72 percent

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