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June 10, 2019

Byline: Use SMS to Mount a Mobile Testimonial Campaign for Your Dental Office

By: Kayla Zamary

mobile testimonial campaignBinary Fountain’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Aaron Clifford, recently penned a blog for Dentistry Today to talk about how dental practices can leverage mobile engagement for instant feedback and to elevate their online presence.

“If dentists are already interacting with their patients via SMS to confirm appointments, they should consider adding another layer of SMS engagement and ask patients to leave a review or fill out a survey,” he writes. “Following up via text message directly after a patient leaves the office is the most effective way to engage patients and inspire immediate action.”

Aaron also offers these best practices for Implementation:

  • Craft the content: The message should be short and sweet, ie, get to the point. Provide a call to action within the message and include a clickable link to direct the patient to a review site. Offer the necessary details, but don’t inundate the patient with too much information. If it is too long, the patient will not bother reading the content. Keep in mind that SMS has a limit of 160 characters per message, and we recommend keeping your outreach concise to one SMS message.
  • When to send: Timing matters. It is more likely for a patient to leave a review immediately after the visit as the experience is still top of mind. If too much time lapses, the patient might feel less connected and therefore not engaged enough to leave a review. The recommendation is to reach out once or twice post-visit via SMS to request a review, but don’t overwhelm the patient with countless follow-ups.
  • Say thanks: When patients take the time to post a review on a rating site or social media channel, be sure to thank them. When you reach out to let these patients know your office appreciates the time it took to leave an honest review, either positive or negative, patients will be more likely to leave reviews in the future.
  • Measure performance: Once an SMS campaign is implemented, keep track of your office’s performance by monitoring, assessing, and benchmarking the results. Pay close attention to patient retention rates both before and after the mobile testimonial outreach to see how transparency and engagement can positively affect a practice.

You can read the whole article at Dentistry Today here.

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