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June 11, 2019

Improving the Patient Experience: A 360-Degree Review of All Patient Touchpoints

By: Kayla Zamary

improving the patient experience

Healthcare providers of all sizes are following in the footsteps of major commercial brands like Amazon, Google and Lyft to focus on customer-centric marketing and new digital engagement methods for improving the patient experience. People now expect to find the same qualities that they value in commercial environments in healthcare settings, from the website to the follow-up survey.

Healthcare providers need to tailor their online messaging and reputation to factor in what their patients are seeking out and use this information to shape their patient experience initiatives.

Amidst evolving patient expectations and surging competition, healthcare innovators must create and deliver a robust consumer engagement practice that edges out vertical opposition and earns market share.

Our latest whitepaper, “Improving the Patient Experience: A 360-Degree Review of All Patient Touchpoints,” addresses the importance of owning your digital presence to deliver a unified patient care experience that goes beyond a new logo, branding initiative and website. You’ll learn how to:

● Optimize positive patient engagement with an interactive, robust patient experience across every interaction
● Building a transformative digital platform that aligns business initiatives with ultimate consumer demands
● Recognize your current place in the market and manage brand reputation

Download the whitepaper here to get all of the insights.


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