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March 11, 2019

Putting Your Customers at the Center of Your Brand Proposition Leads to a Happy Union

By: Zargham Ghani

Binary Fountain’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Aaron Clifford was featured in a piece by Strategic Health Care Marketing about how the competitive landscape in healthcare marketing has evolved recently to focus on a more patient-centric brand proposition.

This means that marketers are more conscious of the “digital patient journey” and are developing strategies with the patient experience in mind.

Clifford framed this journey within the context of patient reviews and how marketing analysts need to read between the lines of what the data is telling them:

“…it’s important for health systems and physicians to understand what is really being said. For instance, physicians may have gotten a one-star rating, but it could have nothing to do with the quality of care provided or the physician’s bedside manner.”

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He also notes how reputation management impacts healthcare professionals:

“We know physician burnout is a big issue. When you have a way to share kudos, it makes a difference,” Clifford says. “We have clients who receive positive first-party and third-party reviews from patients that mention names of nurses and doctors. It’s good for people to see they are mentioned, and they care.”

Read the full article at Strategic Health Care Marketing.

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