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February 14, 2020

Top Customer Engagement Metrics to Measure

By: Kieran McQuilkin

customer-engagement-metricsWith the increased growth of data analytics over the last few years, it can be hard to focus on the right metrics for measuring what matters most to your business. If you’re like most healthcare marketers or practice managers, you know that consumer engagement is one of the many areas you need to focus on to truly measure your efforts in gaining and retaining patients. 

Engagement metrics are often considered “soft metrics,” meaning they don’t show a definitive ROI, but they do reveal how your business is perceived by customers and predict your ability to grow your customer base.

But what metrics should you monitor to know if your consumer engagement efforts are going well? What kind of numbers or trends should you be reporting to executives?

If you’re not sure, you’re in luck. We’re breaking down the top customer engagement metrics that healthcare professionals should analyze regularly.

In this article we will cover:

  • Measuring the quality and volume of online reviews 
  • Tracking engagement with internal surveys and ratings
  • The importance of net promoter scores (NPS)

Quality and Volume of Online Reviews

Thanks to technology, patients are taking a more active role in finding healthcare providers by conducting online research before choosing a provider. Kyruus reported in 2018 that 33% of patients found a medical provider on their own online, and that percentage is sure to have increased over the last two years.

The quality and volume of patient reviews is one of the easiest ways for you to measure your customer engagement online and it has the most direct ROI affiliated with it. According to a Patient Pop survey, nearly 70% of patients consider having a positive online reputation as a key factor in choosing a provider.

If that isn’t enough of a reason to pay attention to your online reputation, remember that online reviews are a key indicator of patient satisfaction. Paying attention to what patients say online not only impacts your ability to attract new patients, but also helps identify opportunities to increase your current patient satisfaction and ultimately retention. 

When looking at your online reviews, pay particular attention to:

  • Number of reviews 
  • Overall rating 
  • Ease of booking appointments 
  • How quickly they were able to see a doctor  
  • If the quality of care matched the patient’s expectations

Managing your online reputation can be hard if you don’t have the right tools in place to monitor your listings across multiple sites. Technology like Binary Fountain’s online reputation management platform allows you to view all of your online reviews (like Google, Healthgrades and Facebook) in one place.

Additionally, Binary Fountain’s platform offers Patient Feedback Scores (PFS) and Physician Social Indexes (PSI). 

The PFS score represents all aspects of the patient experience at your practice (telephones, parking, etc.) and feedback about the physician. Your PSI score only focuses on feedback about the physician, and therefore more closely matches reviews the doctor may see online.

Our platform also allows you to track specific interactions with patients, so you can zero in on areas to improve and follow up directly with the patient from a service recovery perspective.

These are the kinds of metrics your practice managers and executive team are going to care about as they directly influence the bottom line.

Internal Survey Results

Similar to online reviews, the volume of customers responding to patient experience surveys is a good indicator of how your practice is perceived. If you are sending out a lot of surveys without much response, you may not be getting the kind of feedback you need to improve the patient experience.

Having low response rates could mean a variety of things, from patients being satisfied with your level of service to them having one foot out the door and exploring a different provider.

When looking at your survey results, pay close attention to these areas – they will probably have the most direct impact on your bottom line: 

  • Bedside manner of physicians and staff 
  • Patients feeling like they are listened to 
  • Wait times 
  • Physicians answering patient questions or concerns 
  • Patients receiving an accurate and timely diagnosis 

Getting this customer feedback will help your executives make the right operational decisions needed to improve patient retention, which should be the ultimate goal of your survey data. 

To inform you approach to attracting survey responses, we have this guide on how to write surveys that will be helpful for your patients and for your organization.

NPS Score

In addition to your online reputation management and internal surveys, no customer engagement metrics are complete without the net promoter score. This metric determines how likely your current patients are to recommend your practice to others.

This metric should give you a clear idea of how likely your current customers are to refer your practice to friends, family or other acquaintances. While online reviews are trusted just as much as personal referrals, personal recommendations are still the highest-quality lead possible for your business.

Don’t ignore your net promoter score if you want to focus on growing your patient base!

You Can Own Your Reputation Management

If you focus on these customer engagement metrics, you are sure to grow patient acquisition and retention for your practice. No healthcare marketing strategy is complete without an active plan for maintaining a good reputation online.

At Binary Fountain, we have the reputation management solutions your practice needs to manage all of your online reviews in one place, including post-visit surveys and social media platforms. We help businesses like yours organize customer feedback and get the actionable insights you need to make operational changes and improve the customer experience.

Download one of our free e-books or watch one of our free, on-demand webinars to learn more about how our reputation management platform can help you take control of your online presence.

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