Celebrate National Doctor's Day with These Helpful Resources

March 29, 2019

Celebrate National Doctor’s Day with These Helpful Resources

By: Alex Hay

national doctor's dayYou may not be aware of it, but National Doctor’s Day is coming up on Saturday, March 30 in the United State.

It’s a holiday that honors physicians for the work they do for their patients, the communities they work in and for society as a whole. It is their hard work and devotion that keeps all of us healthy and this day thanks them for doing that for us and our loved ones.

The holiday can be traced back to March 30, 1933, when Doctor’s Day was first observed in Winder, Georgia. It was conceived by Eudora Brown Almond, the wife of a prominent Georgian doctor, who wanted to recognize and honor the work of doctors everywhere. She decided the best way to do that was to mail greeting cards to all of the doctors she knew of and to place flowers on the graves of deceased physicians. The flowers that she placed on the graves of these doctors were red carnations–a flower which is still used to this day for National Doctor’s Day celebrations.

Binary Fountain works closely with doctors and the healthcare industry at-large, and while we don’t have any red carnations to distribute, we do want to acknowledge the great work of the healthcare providers we serve.

Here are some of the most useful materials for doctors to utilize to improve their service and capabilities:

Webinar: How to Optimize Your Digital Patient Experience

Doctors already know that a good digital patient experience is central to providing patient-centered care. But, knowing what to do and in what order is hard.

If you are struggling with how to improve your patient and consumer experience, join us to learn why digital is now a business problem, not just a digital marketing problem. We’ll give you a practical approach to how you can unify your organization, implement a patient-first vision, and create the change you want to see.

Case Study: KURE Pain Management Improves Online Reviews and Scores by 95% with Digital Patient Surveys

With the help of digital patient surveys, Kure greatly improved their customer service by educating staff members and introducing better processes, which significantly increased patient experience and loyalty. After less than a year, not only did Kure manage to enhance online reviews and scores by 95 percent because of the initiative, but positive reviews increased over 30 percent and patient loyalty increased about 35%.

Read the rest of the case study to see how KURE Pain Management developed these processes to improve doctor-patient relationships and experiences.

E-Book: Building a Healthier Online Reputation

Have you ever Googled yourself? You should.

If you have read things people are saying about you and your practice online, odds are you probably saw something you didn’t love. It’s also highly probable that you weren’t sure what you could do about it.

Online reviews are not only becoming easier for consumers to write, but ratings and review sites are rapidly becoming one of the first places people go to guide their purchasing decisions whether its renting a hotel room, choosing a small appliance or yes, even selecting a physician.

In this brief e-book, we will illustrate how healthcare consumerism needs to change how you think about your business. We will highlight the biggest missed opportunities for your practice when it comes to generating and managing positive reviews. We will show you how to focus on online reputation management and ultimately use ratings and reviews to drive business to your facility.

Blog: SEO for Doctors: How to Show Up in Search Results

With 83% of patients researching online before choosing a healthcare provider, it’s never been more important for healthcare marketers, practice managers and doctors to pay attention to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO for doctors can be complicated, but it is also vital for new patient acquisition.

As a healthcare provider or practice manager, you don’t want to be spending all your time figuring out why Google doesn’t seem to love you. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of how to win at SEO.

Doctors — Get the Recognition You Deserve!

Get noticed for the great patient experience you provide by implementing reputation management practices.

Let our reputation management experts help your reputation management efforts by giving you the tools you need to improve your reviews online.

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