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December 16, 2019

A Look Back at Binary Fountain’s Top Webinars of 2019

By: Kieran McQuilkin


The year is almost over, but there’s so much more to learn about online reviews and reputation management. As we look forward to new growth opportunities in the new year, we also want to look back on the webinars that helped give marketers and brand managers a leg up in 2019.

In the past year, marketing and customer experience professionals wanted to know how to attract and manage reviews, as usual, but with an increased focus on social media and text-based campaigns. Management strategies also gained popularity as companies look to implement reputation technology across a full enterprise. 

Want to pump those marketing muscles before the year comes to an end? Check out one, two, or all six of our top webinars. Or, for a full list of our educational resources, click here.

Below are Binary Fountain’s most popular webinars of 2019:

How to Make Multifamily Property Listings & Reviews Work for You

Property managers are increasingly using online reputation management strategies to ensure their listings are easy to find and their reviews truly reflect their brand. In this webinar, we discussed how online listings and reviews impact potential residents’ impressions of your properties, and how property managers can outsmart their competition and bring in more business. 

What we learned: 

  • Optimizing your business listings on Google and other search engines
  • Using resident reviews to make operational improvements and decrease vacancies
  • Generating more reviews and supercharging your marketing campaigns

Tenet Health – How to Create a Culture of Excellence with Reputation Management and Transparency

In today’s competitive healthcare market, it can be difficult to implement a reputation management and transparency initiative across an entire healthcare organization. Tenet Health shared the main drivers that helped it successfully launch this initiative, starting with a soft roll out to expanding across all 20 markets – then implementing a provider honor roll to benchmark performance.

What we learned: 

  • Best practices for scaling a transparency and reputation management program
  • How to gain provider buy-in and socialize provider feedback
  • Managing patient feedback at scale across markets
  • How to create a culture of excellence with a provider honor roll
  • Benchmarking provider and facility performance across an entire system

How Can Text Messaging Grow My Business?

Engaging your audience with a text message isn’t just the latest marketing trend – it’s proving to be an efficient messaging tool that gets results. In this webinar, we covered how to increase reviews, save resources and engage your audience directly from the phone in their pockets. 

What we learned: 

  • Increasing response rates on reviews and testimonials via mobile devices
  • Measuring performance on campaigns and automating processes
  • Strategically targeting review sites like Google and Facebook
  • Text messaging and email testimonial capabilities that save time on managing campaigns 

OSF Healthcare – Uncovering Nuances in Healthcare Data Analytics to Improve the Patient Experience

In this webinar, we looked at how OSF Health Care partnered with Binary Fountain to unify their patient feedback and response process. OSF improved the way it responds to feedback publicly and provides patients with healthcare experiences through open access to data and community reviews.

What we learned: 

  • Improving patient satisfaction by being transparent and responsive to feedback
  • Uncovering missing opportunities to generate reviews and manage online reputations
  • Using data-driven insights from patient reviews and developing actionable strategies

How to Implement Reputation Management Strategies at the Enterprise Level

A crucial challenge for any enterprise healthcare organization is managing its brand perception online. In this webinar, we talked about ways to implement reputation management strategies for enterprise healthcare organizations. Best practices and recommendations came from a marketing director at a large multi-specialty group in Southern Virginia, who explained how her team found success in implementing these strategies.

What we learned: 

  • Optimizing your business listings on Google
  • Using patient reviews to make operational improvements
  • Getting companywide buy-in to reputation management initiatives

3 Tips for Optimizing Your Social Media Management Strategy

In this webinar, we covered best practices for managing social media content at scale and demonstrated how an all-in-one social media management platform can make this process more efficient and meaningful for your organization. 

What we learned: 

  • Uncovering opportunities to improve service by tracking online conversations that matter to your customers
  • Opening new communication channels by publishing content to multiple social media platforms simultaneously
  • Using insights from social media to tailor marketing messages and campaigns to customer needs

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