Takeaways from the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategy Summit

May 24, 2017

3 Takeaways from the Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategy Summit

By: Zargham Ghani

We recently came back from exhibiting at another great Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategy Summit in Austin, TX. We spoke with a lot of engaged marketers and had the chance to hear Spartanburg Regional Health System and our own Andrew Rainey present on “Impacting the Patient Experience with Online Feedback.” For those who missed the event, we wanted to share a few takeaways and observations.

Marketing’s Goal: Holistic Reputation Management

Taking a complete approach to reputation management is on attendees’ marketing roadmap – if they’re not already there. We’ve seen many starting off with the basics of review monitoring and listings and gradually moving up the reputation management stack to implement a complete marketing/patient experience strategy that includes engaging healthcare consumers, analyzing patient experience data, taking a 360-degree approach to listings management, and adopting transparency. As one attendee said, each step we take gets us closer to the goal line. What’s going to help them get there? According to attendees, it’s simple: showing results along the way.

Online Reputation Impacts Patient Experience – and Vice Versa

Everyone we spoke to understands the end goal: the patient experience and marketing coming together. In fact, the direct correlation between HCAHPS scores and social media scores was a topic we were hearing. Marketers see this as an indicator that validates the value of online reviews. In a recent study we did, we discovered a correlation that demonstrated just that. The study of 105 hospitals across 19 states discovered a strong, positive correlation (0.54 coefficient) between patient feedback scores calculated from unstructured online reviews and HCAHPS Top Box scores (overall rating domain).

Transparency and ROI
Everyone gets that patients are consumers – and transparency matters to them. They’re very cautious when implementing features, and are looking at ROI extensively to prove this is worthwhile. This is when relating star ratings to appointment scheduling and gaining new patients becomes a vital metric. Those who are doing it are finding the ROI to be significant.

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